That Loving Space

Our Mission

We bring together awakened and adepts to create a safe space for consciousness-minded seekers. So we can liberate hearts and minds from the hypnotic lull of outdated doctrines.

Transform your reality

The next evolution of social connection with like-minded members. Seekers of wisdom, self-empowerment, and personal transformation in our discretely held community.
  • Discover beliefs stalling your potential
  • Develop a deep sense of intuition¬†
  • Create meaningful connections
  • Quite the noise, master your reality
  • Practical steps for real progress
  • Make life-enhancing choices for success
  • Magnetizing yourself for supercharged outcomes

No fluff zone

No pretending is allowed, we keep it kind and real. Exploring our divine birthright as co-creative beings in a safe and loving space. Casting light upon internal shadows to transmute, integrate, and get shit done.
If this is you, join our community!

Founded by

A tech-industry professional who stepped into his truth as a professional metaphysics practitioner and certified empowerment coach. Ty Ryan merges human technology with ancient teachings, channeled works, and his own channeled downloads to help humanity remember,  integrate, and express its fullest potential.

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